September Super Seminar! Professor Rick Young & Guro Terry Barnett!

When: September 20th (Saturday)
Where: The Dartford Academy
Time: 12:00-15:00
Cost: £40

This is a NoGi Seminar.

All JKD/BJJ Students of any level are welcome!


The different types of Black Belt - Gracie Jiu Jitsu

I have been asked several times over the last few weeks about the different types of Black Belt awarded.

At our Academy we retain the original Gracie Jiu Jitsu Belt structure:

The Black Belt with a white Tab, is a person who has been rewarded his/her black belt, yet is still a student whom is not yet a Certified Instructor/Coach/Professor.

The Black Belt with a Red Bar signifies a Black Belt Student whom has started our Instructors Programme of Self Defence and begun to assist teaching at The Academy.

The Red Bar with 2 tab borders is a Professor, certified to teach (by their Professor/Mestre).

As always, seek the knowledge, not the belt.


Professor Pedro Sauer Gracie Jiu Jitsu Seminar Review

Its been 2 years since I last got to train with Professor and it was an exciting prospect to be able to host him at our Academy this May!

Professor arrived with Student and Rickson Gracie 2nd Degree Black Belt Allan Manganello. Neither showed any jet lag after a 20hr journey to the UK and both were warmly welcomed. I have studied with the Worlds best Instructors over the last 30 years and its true to say Professor is the closest i have known, in warmth, knowledge, humbleness, gratitude and passion, to our own Guro Dan Inosanto.

There were over 50 Students (from all over Europe) & 7 Black Belts in attendance. The Academy once again was packed to the rafters. After expressing our gratitude to Professor, he started with a Q&A session. This was to be the format for the whole evening.
Back Mount escapes, Choke counters, Triangle Setup Counters & Guard Passing were all covered. Professor spoke at length about his time studying with Grand Master Helio and Master Rickson Gracie over the last 40 years.
It was the biggest compliment when Professor and Allan said the amazing and unique vibe we have at The Academy was comparable to that of Ricksons first Academy back in the day!!

Quite simply an evening everyone will remember for a long time and i got to do it all over again the next day with Professor at the Laurence Sandum Academy.

I never fail to be amazed at how easy Gracie Jiu Jitsu is...you just got to do it right! 80/20.

Many thanks to Professor, Professor's Marc & Allan, , Laurence for all his help and to all the Students whom continue to make this journey possible.


Royce Gracie Seminar!

Royce with Marc Walder in California in the late 1990's

Marc with Ryron & Rener after completing the first ever Gracie Jiu Jitsu Certification Program

Had the real pleasure to Train with Royce Gracie again this week.
I first met & trained with Royce 10 years ago, having first seen him in UFC1 back in 1993!
We have also had the honour of hosting Royce at The Academy 2 years ago.

10 of us from the Ilford Fitness First Class, met up with Gracie Academy Brown Belt Instructor Sam Fernandez, to attend the Seminar.
Professor Marc organised the event with over 40 Students inc 6 Black Belts on the Mat.

After catching up with Royce, whom had just taught a Sold Out Seminar for my Brother & Family at Westcoast BJJ, we began.
Outline of the material we covered:

  • Defensive Pisao into Clinch & Body Fold Takedown
  • Defence Vs Thai Kick
  • Clinch Vs Jab
  • Arm Triangle from The Mount
  • Stage 2 Guard Defensive & Offensive Strategies
  • Vale Tudo Guard Passing

Royce always in good humour, closed the Seminar with thanks and a few hilarious stories of how he met Professor Marc on his first day as a Student at the Gracie Academy in Torrence. 

Thanks to Royce, Professor Marc, RGJJ Black Belt Danny Macmillan and my Training Partners!


New Belts at The Academy!

Huge Congratulations to Simon Taylor on being promoted to Black Belt at the recent Professor Marc Walder Seminar!
Promoted to Brown Belt were Academy Instructors Wayne Rowlands & Ryan Debenham!
Our other Instructor Danny Suman was promoted to Purple Belt.
Monique, Anne, Kris & Nic made the jump to Blue Belt!

An incredible evening, with over 50 Students on the mat, full of Gracie Jiu Jitsu philosophy from Professor & some superb technical counters to the "Bull Fighter" Guard Pass.
Another landmark for our Academy was reached when we promoted our 50th Blue Belt!


Professor Pedro Sauer Seminar in May!!

We are extremely honoured to host Professor Sauer, Friday May 30th, in conjunction with our Friends at the Pedro Sauer Gracie Jiu Jitsu Team UK. !
Professor is over in the UK for 3 days on his second visit to these shores and will be Teaching at the Laurence Sandum Academy in Boreham, Essex on May 31st/June 1st :

Pedro Sauer is an 8th-degree Gracie Jiu Jitsu red and black belt under Rickson Gracie and Helio Gracie. On May 17, 2005, he was named "Best of the Best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Instructor" in a worldwide poll conducted by the Abu Dhabi Combat Club.

Allan Manganello will be assisting Professor. I have had the great pleasure of training with Allan twice before. He is an excellent and knowledgeable Teacher. See link below for a review of Allan's last UK Seminar:

Where: The Academia de Jiu Jitsu Dartford
When: Fri May 30th
Time: 19:00 - 21:00
Cost: £55 (If paid before May 1st) or £65 after

Please Call: 07775927352 to Confirm you place


Professor Marc Seminar & 2014 Belt Ceremony SOLD OUT!!

2014 has already started as 2013 finished. Busy Classes, Private Tuition slots being booked in advance, & our popular Jiu Jitsu Mastery Seminars in demand!
We are always hugely grateful for the opportunity to share Gracie Jiu Jitsu & it is with that gratitude we welcome back our Professor Marc Walder to Teach his first Seminar of the year!

In addition to hosting Professor, there will be a Belt Ceremony. We have many Students close to advancement and it will be a privilege to award some of them their new Belts!

When: Thurs March 6th
Where: The Academy
Time: Open Mat 18:00-19:00
          Seminar 19:00-21:00
          Belt Ceremony 21:00
Cost: £30

There are 50 Spaces available and all will be taken quickly!
Please Confirm Your Space ASAP to avoid dissapointment



Happy New Year! 2013 in Review

To All our Students & Friends Happy New Year!

2013 has been amazing! Our best year yet! We got to Train with:
  • Rickson Gracie 3 x Seminars in Holland & Scotland
  • Ryron Gracie 
  • Rener Gracie 2 x Seminars
We Hosted Several SOLD OUT Seminars:
  • Our own Professor Marc Walder 2 x Seminars
  • Erik Paulson
  • Professor Rick Young
  • Professor Mike Diaz (Pedro Sauer/Rickson Gracie Black Belt)
We have been honoured to be asked to teach many Successful Seminars across the Country:
  • Westcoast BJJ (Wales) 4 x Seminars
  • Jason Boh Academy 8 x Seminars
  • Laurence Sandum's Academy (Pedro Sauer UK GJJ Team) 3 x Seminars
Our Family has grown to now include 15 Purple Belts and we are close to promoting our 50th Blue Belt!!

We have taken Medals at European (Brown Belt) and National Level when we have Competed!

Joining the Coaching Staff in 2013 we have the Multi-Talented Instructors Wayne & Ryan, whose Classes continue to become evermore popular and their skill sets only add to our growth!
A special thanks must also go to our resident Kickboxing Instructor Danny.

To All our Students some who travel nearly 100 miles round trip to train with us every week - Thank You All so much for making this possible and allowing us to share your in your Martial Arts/Jiu Jitsu Journey.

Seek the Knowledge and 2014 will be even better!!

Seek The Knowledge Not The Belt

Your Journey in Gracie Jiu Jitsu can often be quite different from other Students. Some want to learn to Fight, others Train for Fitness and Social reasons, the majority however for Self Defence & the meditative qualities of regular "Rolling".

We maintain a very high Technical Standard at our Academy & the Material taught follows these three basic Guidelines:
  • Street Applicability
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Based on Natural Body Movements

'Knowing is not enough, we must apply'.

Before any consideration for promotion, a Student must be able to regularly apply their knowledge against fully resistant sparring partners of relevant Belt/Age/Weight etc. They must have the right attitude and adhere to The Academy Etiquette.
Our Sparring takes many forms:
  • Vs a Striking (Boxing Gloves) Opponent
  • Sports Jiu Jitsu (GI)
  • NoGi 
  • Vale Tudo
We don't "Grade" Students nor do we charge for Belts. Promotions are not given on a time served basis (although there are general minimums).
Out of respect to our Gracie Jiu Jitsu Lineage (Grandmaster Helio Gracie), All Students are also informally tested on their Self Defence Knowledge prior to any consideration for Promotion at all Levels. The Self Defence material is broken up as follows:
  • Standing Defences From The Front
  • Standing Defences From Behind
  • Weapon Defences (Club, Knife, Gun)

We have promoted many Students over the last 10 years, the vast majority of whom still train with us every week: http://www.dartfordbjj.com/p/bjj-belt-ranking.html

Come and join us for a free Days Membership, bring a Friend/Family Member - Welcome to The Academy!